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Why am I doing this ?

So I created this blog for many reasons :

  • Testing jekyll on github pages
  • Work my writing skills
  • Explain to the world what I am doing I’ll try to post as often as possible (every week seems a nice challenge).

Who am I ?

My name is Rémi Bourgarel, born in 86 in Toulouse where I still live. I am passtionnated by software development I have currently many point of interest :

  • .net : .net core, .net framework,, blazor,
  • Spring
  • Angular (the last two are for my new job)
  • Cloud computing (mainly azure for now)


Jekyll is a nice static site generator. What this means is that it takes your content (here md files) and generate raw html pages from it. Github can manage the whole thing : file generation, generated page storage, web server hosting and domain name providing.

From a performance and even security point of view it’s really interesting as there is no server side code execution (there is a bit of code for loading the file content and sending it to the client).

How did I set it up ?

  • I forked
  • Changed the repo name to {my user name}
  • Edited
  • Edited a md file in
  • Browse

That’s it. The only problem was that the site was not being generated because I had some syntax error in my config file (space missing after “:”). I received an email from github with the exact error message and after correcting it the site was up and running.

Whats the point

As I said there is security and performance but there is no traffic on this site so it’s not really something really interesting at this stage :

  • Simplicity of setup, around 5-10 min
  • In github so I can edit my post on my local machine
  • Working with markdown so the syntax is easy and I don’t have to deal with some weird Wysiwyg (always have to spell this in my head to get it right)
  • Working with git so I can do branching for WIP and have a full history
  • Lot of nice plugins like disqus or google analytics and you configurate it with one line of config
  • no hard to understand GUI like wordpress or shitty Wysiwyg like blogspot

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